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Jumat, 31 Oktober 2014


Lama nggak nulis puisi. Jadi susah, ya... =w=" memang harus terus diasah loh nulis itu. Harus mulai sering nulis lagi. Bagi waktu sama tugas yang lain. Dan inilah puisi terakhir bulan ini... "Halloween"


Fullmoon on the sky
Fallen leaves fly away
Paper bats fly
Sign of October's last day

Walking on my own
Sparkling in my gown
Princess in this streets
Bucket full of sweets

Licking an apple candy
Walking around happily
Humming like the wind
Checking my chocolate raisin

Smiling pumpkin on side road
Little monsters in a crowd
Scarecrow with candies in the mid
Try to get it

Can't reach it
Until the last sweet
Sighed, I left
Still happy with all I have

A little foggy
Need to hurry
She will worry

No light
Start trembling
Night is falling
Unease my feeling

Scarecrow appear
Freaks me out
It laugh aloud
Show the candies it got

What a fear
Crimson candy
So pretty
So yummy

Home already
Mom scream loudly
Headless body


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